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So, after dipping into an incredibly low mood about two weeks ago *back when it was still March and about to be April* I'm sort of back to a stable mood. I'm not quite where I was first week back from spring-break, when I had sort of kicked my internet addiction and started reading like a maniac again, which resulted in more happiness/feelings of competence/etc than I'd felt in years, but I am back on track to that now. I think it has to do with the weather, a little bit. also to do with the fact that I really just want to be better now.

Also, springtime turns me on. That might be an awkward confession to make, but it is so true, good lord.

Other stuff, my throat hates me. I think it's primarily drainage, which is sucky because there's really not that much I can do about it. Also, my eyes have suddenly decided to be hateful as well. This might be because I've been spending too much time on the computer, but I don't know. It's the muscles, they're just... sore. also inconsistent. bleh. Those are my physical ailments.

Other other stuff, we sign up for classes for next year this week, which is mildly stressful, but not really. I think other people stress out about this a lot, but.. I only really find it stressful because other people find it stressful so maybe I should too? bleh. I've not had any difficulty getting into classes before. Honestly, I find room-draw *which is on Thursday* to be much more stressful/anxiety inducing, because I'm going through with the intention of getting a single, but Juniors, even if they're going through sub-free, aren't guaranteed singles, and as such I have to go through with a potential room-mate. I'm going through with one of my current suite-mates, and we get along fine in the set up that we have currently, but we would not work well together as room-mates. so. Whatever. The rooming situation hasn't really ever turned out badly for me.
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